In reference to the image above, I was speaking with Takahiro, and this specific jacket is in fact his personal favourite consisting of three different types of leathers (kangaroo, deer and cordovan). As best as he could describe with his English, to execute each jacket it takes 3 months to produce and only a small amount were made. Each jacket is irregular which of course makes no two being the same. Not to mention, the interior of the garment is just as complex as the exterior. The interior is carefully screen printed with indigo ink onto the reverse side of the leather to produce a flannel pattern throughout the entire garment, and closely on the raw edges of each hem the indigo colour is shown. The hood is made from horse (for his love of horses), the torso being kangaroo for its light weight and the arms being made from deer for the great raw end of the leather at the cuffs. it’s in fact a heavy piece in comparison to other leather jackets out there. Despite the fact it being an extravagant piece, its price says otherwise. There was more to it, though it was quite difficult to say. If I had that kind of money (492,000 yen?) then this baby would be mine. The amount of work put in you could compare Takahiro’s input to big names like Carol Christian Poell & Maurizio Altieri. I could say a lot about much of his work over the years.. ”



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